Drie generaties

Exhibition theme: Portraits of three generations

¬ Paintings
¬ Drawings
¬ Collages

The idea of the exhibition:
Imitative arts combining different periods of time, different people, nations, religions and countries.

First generation – Anatoly Kaptsan (1911 – 1983)
Born in Ukraine in 1911, moved to Uzbekistan after the second world war.
Portraits and paintings of my father made in the period of 1946 to 1952.


Second generation – Gregory Kohelet
Born in Uzbekistan in 1954. Since then lived in Russia, Israel and the Netherlands.
My work is made in the period of 2001 to 2002.

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Third generation – Daniel Kohelet
Born in Israel in 1994. His work is made in the period of 1998 to 2002. His drawings are made with felt – tip pen, colored pencils and watercolors on paper. The sizes of the drawings are 8 x 8 and 10 x 15 cm. In total, he has made more 500 drawings.

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